Giantess Stories – Sweet Little Sharon

By: Domina Cinara - July 28th, 2011

I love stories of revenge, and giantess stories present the perfect setting for it.
I love to imagine the horrified expression on some bastard’s face…
When the hand of a giant woman is reaching down to grab him up…
And take him away to his well deserved doom.


Sweet Little Sharon – Part I


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara – When I started writing this I had intended it to be short and somewhat humorous. But as so often happens with my giantess stories, it’s grown a bit and taken darker turn… laid on a little heavy at times but intentionally done. As I said, I like giantess stories of well deserved revenge ~grinz~.)

Sharon was a sweet little thing. Barely 5 feet tall, with a thin frail frame that weighed 90lbs at best. Though soft spoken and shy, she was quite beautiful in that cute yet vulnerable sort of way. She was the kind of girl that would bring a smile to your face when you saw her. Kind and caring, with a face that had never displayed a single cruel thought.

Too bad hers was the exact sort of look and personality that always seemed to attract the wrong type of men. Men who saw in her, not a gentle girl to be protected and loved… but a helpless thing who could be bullied and made to feel smaller than she already was.

Mike was just that sort of guy. Though not a very big man himself, his 5’7” body towered over that of little Sharon, especially since he had the added weight and muscle of a short man who wanted the world to see him as larger than what he was. He had spent many an hour trying to compensate for his short stature at the gym. And while he might not be physically imposing when compared to real men… like a small dog, he barked as loud and as often as possible. And like the insecure coward he secretly was… he often barked at Sharon… and sometimes did a lot more.

It was clear to anyone with eyes that he mistreated her. When she was with him she’d seem even smaller than she already was, as if trying to shrink or hide from sight. One didn’t need to see how he spoke to her, how she’d flinch reflexively when he raised his voice, to know he hurt her. That could be clearly seen in the bruises that would occasionally appear on her tiny limbs.

While some had made comments about what they saw, and a very few had spoken to Sharon directly, urging her to leave Mike… none got too involved and most said nothing at all. Mike’s father owned the local mine. And it was the mine that kept the town alive. Cross the old man and you’d find yourself without a job… and no one else would hire you for fear of facing the old bastard’s wrath. Complain too loudly and the police would handle you… they were so deep in the old man’s pocket that he paid them more than the town did. His own troop of enforcers, in the matching uniforms and badges of a police force. He had the town firmly under his control, and he made certain the people knew it. Mike was his only son… and the “prince” had no problem abusing the power that came with his birthright.

So while the people of the town all loved Sharon and felt for her… there was little they could do other than treat her nicely themselves. Some liked to think that maybe Sharon stayed with Mike to protect their little community… sacrificing herself in sense. No one was happy about it, but there was nothing anyone could think of to do… and quietly, all were glad their daughters were safe.

What no one knew though, was that Sharon felt very much alone in her small town. She had learned when she was young that no one would come to protect her. People would give sad looks and be nice to her, but they were more interested in their own skins than the bruises that often covered hers. She was trapped… just a small, scared girl that her neighbors had left to her fate. She could see they felt bad for her, but she also knew they were glad it was her and not them. They had sacrificed her in the hope of protecting their own families.

But nothing had made her feel more trapped than the time when she did try to runaway from Mike. She left town in the darkness, intending to go as far away as possible. The next day, false charges were filed against her and the police set out to hunt her down. It wasn’t long before she was picked up at a train station in the big city, an alleged fugitive on the run. The town’s police went to pick her up, bringing her back to Mike and his father. They also brought her to the mine’s small infirmary after Mike was done welcoming her home.

And so time passed, with sweet little Sharon feeling ever more alone in what should have been a lovely small town. Eyes that had once grown soft at the sight of bruises eventually seemed to not notice them at all. People have a way of pretending to not see disturbing things. Hope fled from Sharon until it seemed as if all that was left to her was a single, impossible dream in the form of a prayer she said every night. A wish that she had long hoped some kind deity would hear and make come true. As the child became a teenager and the teenager a young woman, this wish had remained unanswered… but she still spoke it every night… promising her devotion and unending thankfulness in return… if some goddess would just answer…

“Please… make me bigger and stronger… just a little even… so no one can ever hurt me again.”

(…continued in Part IIGiantess Stories – A Wish Comes True)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

I wonder what the world would be like if women all across the planet…
Grew two feet overnight, with a proportionate gain in weight that was all muscle.
How would men behave then? ~laughs~
Actually, that sounds like an interesting basis for some future giantess stories.
The world’s triumphant new age… the rise of the giant women.

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