Giantess Phone Sex – Absolute Female Power

By: Domina Cinara - July 20th, 2011

So the idea of being helplessly under the control of a dominant woman excites you.
Why not try the more extreme form of your fetish… giantess phone sex.
There is no scenario where the male is more helpless and devoid of power…
Then when he has been made into the little pet of a beautiful giant woman.


Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess Phone Sex(By: Domina Cinara) In Giantess Stories we often see men receive the just rewards of their arrogance… I so love that.

The reversal of power is so overwhelming that it goes beyond what a man experiences when he is turned into a slave by an uncompromising, tall dominatrix like myself. The fictional extreme of the giantess fantasy puts the man into a position of such abject helplessness that every possible male chauvinist stereotype is shattered. One would have to think of an insect or tiny rodent to draw a comparison to the position and powerlessness of a male in a giantess story.

In my own life I love turning the tables on boorish pigs who think that women are supposed to fawn over them and be their little playthings and arm candy. I like to think of myself as a modern day Amazon who doesn’t take shit from the inferior half of the species. And I have no problem teaching men cruel, hard lessons in what their place really should be.

I’ve done some pretty nasty things to men who’ve definitely deserved it. But even though I can crush and grind a man’s balls in my hands… trample his body easily by forcing him to the ground and walking all over him in a pair of high heels… and smother him with my tight butt, making him squirm and scream for air… it’s not the same as what a fictional giantess can do.

I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be able to turn into a giant woman, growing to 50 feet tall at an instant’s whim, then laying waste to all those who had so foolishly offended me… watching them scream and run in terror, hopelessly trying to escape me as I descend upon them… like some sort of ultra-feminist, giantess superhero ~laughs~… let the males of the world tremble with fear and beware ~grinz~.

That’s why I like giantess phone sex, and writing Amazon stories, etc. The fictional theme fits my power fetish nicely, and it’s a lot of fun to let your creativity run wild, hand in hand with female domination.

Giantess phone sex has a solid cult following, but many are unfamiliar with it, or its possibilities. I do hope to help it grow through this website, and perhaps even build an active community here. If enough interest developed, and for that matter if I can find enough time to help develop it, I might open a supporting fetish forum for people to gather together in.

For now, I’ll be taking more Giantess phone sex calls and adding more tales for readers to enjoy.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess stories take the element of female domination to the extreme.
The male isn‘t just the helpless slave of the dominant woman…
He is literally helpless in the most extreme sense possible.
His life completely, absolutely in the control of a giant woman…
Who could crush him like a bug if she desired, or do anything else she might choose.

Ever dream of what it would be like to be a helpless little man…
Trapped under a giantess butt that’s about to crush you?
Smothered in the crack of her giant ass… unable to move or breathe at all?
Call me and I will tell you all about it.
Giantess Butt Crush with Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292

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The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer

By: Domina Cinara - July 19th, 2011

The realm of this giantess was a lost valley hidden away in a vast mountain range.
Stories told of secret ways into the valley that only her Amazon huntresses knew.
It was from these sacred paths that they would go out into the world…
Hunting down the male prey to be brought back to their giantess goddess.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part II – The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IGiantess Stories – Goddess of The Amazons.

And so, the day that mysterious woman with the impossibly long legs walked into your mid-town office, your attention was drawn to more than just her amazing body.

She looked like one of those tall women warriors you used to read about in Amazon stories and Sci-fi magazines as a kid… built like something out of a teenage boy’s wet dream. All long limbs and sleek muscle with features a supermodel would be jealous of and curves a pornstar would go under the knife to get.

But when she showed you the pictures she had with her, and spoke of the deal she had to offer… all thoughts of her body and how she could use it to please you, were pushed aside. The pictures were of what she called a “lost valley”… an extremely secluded spot, far from any other human life… nestled amongst tall mountain peaks that made it very difficult to get to… a place of untamed beauty, barely touched by man.

All of your dreams of owning your own private world someday came flooding back in an instant. You knew you had to have it… the time had finally come for you to add the greatest of prizes to your ever growing empire. It would be your domain… molded by your hand to fit your desires… and ruled by your will alone. You’d hand pick those who would be brought there to live… never being allowed to leave… existing to serve and obey you, their king.

Sure, the people she represented were asking a ridiculously high price, but you haggled that down to a more realistic amount quick enough. Years of being a ruthless giant of the business world made conquests of this sort too easy. The end cost to you was so low that it should have struck you odd that this beautiful, tall Amazon woman would be willing to drop so far, so fast. But you had become so used to people bending to your will that you just assumed it was your natural superiority and good business sense once again getting you what you wanted.

And besides, that tall Amazon, with the strikingly long legs knew just the right way a woman should always close a business deal… on her knees between your legs, with her mouth sealing the contract.

You never liked to break a sweat during sex, that’s why your preferred position was to have the woman on top – after all, shouldn’t she be the one serving you and doing all the work? But when this tall Amazon climbed on top of your cock, it felt almost as if she were holding you down and using you, instead of you using her. Must be that she just really wanted the cock of such a powerful man… yeah, that must be it… why else would she have let you orgasm inside of her like that? And if she was one of those who thought getting pregnant would lead to a rich paycheck, she’d be very sorry… the boys were getting very good at kicking lottery tickets out of gold digger tummies.

You had great plans for this “lost valley“. Not just a giant mansion to be built, of course not. Your wealth could afford far, far more, and you deserved only the biggest, and the best. No, you’d build a whole compound for yourself, and stock it with the finest of everything… with special attention to the choicest females that you would select to be your property’s population. An all girl society dedicated to you and your every fetish desire, with you intending to see that all those desires were filled in most obscenely hedonistic of ways.

And since the place was so secluded, so hard to get to… your female subjects would have to learn to do as they were told, or they would be punished very severely. And if one got broken, she could always be replaced.

(…continued in Part IIIGiantess Stories – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

In the tribe, one of the Amazon women warriors would stand as chief…
If was her duty to keep the stories of the tribe, and make sure their ways were not forgotten.
When it was time for a hunt, she would select the prey and make first contact with it.
Luring it back to be surrounded and taken by the rest of the Amazons…
And finally delivered up to their Giantess Goddess.

Are you a bad little boy in need of punishment?
You’re going to be a lot smaller when I get my hands on you.
Shrinking Man Phone Sex with Giantess Cinara – 1-877-274-8292

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Giantess Stories – Goddess of The Amazons

By: Domina Cinara - July 17th, 2011

Legends told of a giant woman… a mythical creature of great beauty…
Taller than the trees, with long, muscular limbs and the curves of a goddess.
Many times the length of a mortal, both in terms of height and lifespan…
This giantess ruled a tribe of fierce Amazons… tall women warriors…
Who would mark and hunt men to be brought to her for sacrifice.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part I


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) The original version of this was done some time ago, back when I first started writing Giantess stories. It was written in the standard vein of those old Twilight Zone episodes where an arrogant fool stumbles down a path to his own well deserved destruction. While not as erotic or fetish heavy as other Giantess stories I’ve done, it was the first and so seems a good place to begin again. The basic story remains the same, but the telling is quite different since I‘ve rewritten it greatly.

The main character takes some inspiration from a certain Giantess Phone Sex caller of mine who also had a male humiliation fetish.

* * *

When you were young the pretty girls in school never took any notice of you. You were clumsy, small and nerdy… and they were too busy giggling over the bad boys and athletes to even know you were there.

But you knew you were destined for great things, and you knew the day would come when it would be you laughing at the worthless nothings they would grow up to become. While they lived their little lives of teenage glory, basking in the fleeting adulation of a small school… you dreamed of the future and worked hard to make those dreams come true.

Sure they laughed at you and played their jokes, but while they scored on the football field and basketball court, you scored in the classroom. The fools mocked you for it, but you knew that once high school was over, all they would have is memories. Yeah, it hurt to be left out, and you grew to hate them for how they treated you… but the loneliness removed all distraction, and the growing bitterness helped you focus on success and revenge.

Years later, all that anger driven hard work had paid off big. No one called you names now, other than “Sir”… and everyone wanted to be your friend. Those who displeased you in the slightest bit, you destroyed… and you had not forgotten a single name from your past. You kept the long list of offenses your high school classmates had foolishly committed against you fresh in your mind over the years. And you paid that debt back many times over.

Wealthy was a word that hardly came close to describing what you had become. Rich beyond the wildest dreams of the shallowest “it-girl”, able to own anything and anyone you wanted. Cars, planes, penthouses, and of course, the finest women… all for sale… all yours to enjoy in whatever way you desired… and then throw away as soon as you tired of them in the slightest.

Men who would once have laughed at you, now bowed and scrapped before you, envious of your position and prestige. Many you’d hire, just to enjoy breaking them down into sycophantic toadies desperate to win approval and keep their jobs. Some you’d hire just so you could enjoy firing them when they were most in need.

Women like those who used to ignore you, now fawned over you, throwing themselves at your money and power, offering their bodies up to whatever you demanded of them. You demanded much… and your money cleaned up whatever mess you might leave behind. Even if they weren’t the same pretty little girls who had shunned you in your youth… they were still beautiful women, and beautiful women are all the same.

But there was one dream from your childhood you had not made reality. The one you had most often gone to – that of owning your own private world… perhaps some deeply hidden spot or a secluded island rarely visited. A place where you could truly do as you pleased, with no thought to legal consequences or the ever growing number of cameras those media dogs sent to hunt you. Yours to rule over as more than just owner, but sole lord and master.

(…continued in Part IIGiantess Stories – The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

The stories of this giantess and her tribe of Amazon huntresses…
Spread far beyond the locale of her hidden realm, as tales are wont to do with time.
Becoming the basis of all the Amazon stories of the world, spread by the travels of ancient peoples.
And the giantess at the core of these stories, came to life within the mythologies of these cultures…
Incorporated into the pantheons and morality tales of numerous ancient religions…
As a mighty goddess of destruction, retribution and final judgment.

Do you dream of being a slave to a giant woman?
Why sit and dream when you’re fantasy could so easily come true with me.
Giantess Phone Sex with Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292
A tall dominatrix who knows how to rule over mere men.

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Long Awaited and Dedicated to a Fetish I Enjoy

By: Domina Cinara - July 15th, 2011

I like writing stories about giant women who crush and trample helpless little men.
Stomping on them with their huge Giantess feet and grinding them into the ground.
While cornering and toying with others like a cat would torture a tiny little mouse.
A few, of course, would be picked up and carried off to play with later…
Used as living sex toys for the pleasure of their giant owners.


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) So here we are… as long promised, I’ve finally opened a blog dedicated to Giantess stories, tales of tall Amazon women and their tiny little male victims, and giant women, shrinking men fantasies.

Years ago I wrote a series of Giantess stories for another website which began my interest in this fetish, and its adherents interest in me. Some of the tales I told were of the traditional, erotic form… while others were twilight zone-esque pieces, with fantasy, sci-fi or horror influences; not always overtly sexual but remaining true to the Giantess theme and female domination.

There were a number of tall Amazon women stories I wrote back then that were never published. These have been gnawing at me the last couple years since I hate writing something and not sharing it. It is the thought of them that kept the idea of this blog alive. They will finally find a public home here, along with some rewritten versions of older stories and of course, brand new Giantess fantasies that I have yet to share.

I also intend to do a few Giantess audio stories – original pieces that I will write and record. Some will be me as narrator of a tale… while others will be erotic audios meant to tease those who love this fetish.

I know others are hoping to see more pictures of my beautiful body and I won’t be disappointing you. As those who are familiar with me know, I don’t just write stories about tall dominant women… I am one myself. While I’m not 50 feet tall in real life, I am just about as close as you will get to a tall Amazon in this world while still being absolutely beautiful in that supermodel way. I’ll be posting a “Giantess Pictures” collection which will be a mix of real life pics of my strikingly tall self, along with some edited pictures that put me at the center of fetish fantasy scenes.

And as you can tell by the phone number in the upper right corner… I am also open to taking Giantess Phone Sex calls. Those of you who would love to talk to a true tall Amazon dominatrix… or would like to role-play your own giant women or shrinking men fantasies, may call me anytime, or contact me through Email/IM and schedule a time for use to enjoy a Giantess Phone Sex sessions together.

Those of you who have found me for the first time here, should visit my main blog too –

Femdom Stories of Domina Cinara

That website is something of a diary, where I share things that happen in my life, primarily through the telling of stories based on my own sexual experiences. You’ll also find more tall dominatrix pictures of me and free erotic audio clips, written and recorded by yours truly.

I currently have one other blog that I’ve opened – Fetish Phone Sex with Domina Cinara – As the title suggests, that site’s dedicated to my phone sex callers and my experiences with them. There are more pictures of me there too… plus I write about more than just phone sex… I talk mostly about a variety of different fetish fantasies, why I am drawn to them, and how I enjoy them in my real life.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

 “Domina” is the Latin root of the word “Dominatrix“. It essentially means “Mistress“ or “Lady“ and is an expression of deference and respect.

On fetish phone sex calls or during correspondence, you may refer to me either as “Domina Cinara” or “Giantess Cinara”.

Cinara is my middle name. It is pronounced – “sinara” – for those who are unfamiliar with it and wisely do not wish to mispronounce my name when first on the phone with me.

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