The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer

The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer

By: Domina Cinara - July 19th, 2011

The realm of this giantess was a lost valley hidden away in a vast mountain range.
Stories told of secret ways into the valley that only her Amazon huntresses knew.
It was from these sacred paths that they would go out into the world…
Hunting down the male prey to be brought back to their giantess goddess.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part II – The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IGiantess Stories – Goddess of The Amazons.

And so, the day that mysterious woman with the impossibly long legs walked into your mid-town office, your attention was drawn to more than just her amazing body.

She looked like one of those tall women warriors you used to read about in Amazon stories and Sci-fi magazines as a kid… built like something out of a teenage boy’s wet dream. All long limbs and sleek muscle with features a supermodel would be jealous of and curves a pornstar would go under the knife to get.

But when she showed you the pictures she had with her, and spoke of the deal she had to offer… all thoughts of her body and how she could use it to please you, were pushed aside. The pictures were of what she called a “lost valley”… an extremely secluded spot, far from any other human life… nestled amongst tall mountain peaks that made it very difficult to get to… a place of untamed beauty, barely touched by man.

All of your dreams of owning your own private world someday came flooding back in an instant. You knew you had to have it… the time had finally come for you to add the greatest of prizes to your ever growing empire. It would be your domain… molded by your hand to fit your desires… and ruled by your will alone. You’d hand pick those who would be brought there to live… never being allowed to leave… existing to serve and obey you, their king.

Sure, the people she represented were asking a ridiculously high price, but you haggled that down to a more realistic amount quick enough. Years of being a ruthless giant of the business world made conquests of this sort too easy. The end cost to you was so low that it should have struck you odd that this beautiful, tall Amazon woman would be willing to drop so far, so fast. But you had become so used to people bending to your will that you just assumed it was your natural superiority and good business sense once again getting you what you wanted.

And besides, that tall Amazon, with the strikingly long legs knew just the right way a woman should always close a business deal… on her knees between your legs, with her mouth sealing the contract.

You never liked to break a sweat during sex, that’s why your preferred position was to have the woman on top – after all, shouldn’t she be the one serving you and doing all the work? But when this tall Amazon climbed on top of your cock, it felt almost as if she were holding you down and using you, instead of you using her. Must be that she just really wanted the cock of such a powerful man… yeah, that must be it… why else would she have let you orgasm inside of her like that? And if she was one of those who thought getting pregnant would lead to a rich paycheck, she’d be very sorry… the boys were getting very good at kicking lottery tickets out of gold digger tummies.

You had great plans for this “lost valley“. Not just a giant mansion to be built, of course not. Your wealth could afford far, far more, and you deserved only the biggest, and the best. No, you’d build a whole compound for yourself, and stock it with the finest of everything… with special attention to the choicest females that you would select to be your property’s population. An all girl society dedicated to you and your every fetish desire, with you intending to see that all those desires were filled in most obscenely hedonistic of ways.

And since the place was so secluded, so hard to get to… your female subjects would have to learn to do as they were told, or they would be punished very severely. And if one got broken, she could always be replaced.

(…continued in Part IIIGiantess Stories – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey)

Domina Cinara
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In the tribe, one of the Amazon women warriors would stand as chief…
If was her duty to keep the stories of the tribe, and make sure their ways were not forgotten.
When it was time for a hunt, she would select the prey and make first contact with it.
Luring it back to be surrounded and taken by the rest of the Amazons…
And finally delivered up to their Giantess Goddess.

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You’re going to be a lot smaller when I get my hands on you.
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