The Lost Valley of The Giantess

By: Domina Cinara - July 22nd, 2011

Legends of the Giantess of the Lost Valley told of a day of prophecy…
A planned for time when she would leave her home and bring destruction to the realm of man.
Great would be the preparation for this coming age of retribution…
Her Amazon warriors spreading out across the world… infiltrating and conspiring.
But those are giantess stories for another day.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part IV – Lost Valley of The Giantess


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IIIGiantess Stories – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey.

Sometime during the reverse gangbang you had been happily subjected to, you must have passed out, for the rest of the flight went by in no time. It seemed as if mere moments after the last pussy you could remember finished with your cock, that the tall Amazon-like woman who had brought you on this trip, shook you awake and pointed out the cabin window.

When the lost valley finally came into sight it was everything you had hoped for and more. A perfect testament to your success in the business would… a reward that you knew you so richly deserved. Enclosed by a vast range of snow capped mountains, the valley plunged down like a deep green scar, cutting through the solid white that surrounded it. Like something out of those lost world and giantess stories early science fiction writers told… the place looked as if it couldn’t possible exist. You remembered reading something about geothermal activity being responsible, but whatever the reason, it was here and it was yours. Rich with vegetation, hills lined with ancient trees, a great blue lake filling the middle… the valley was a wonder of nature’s beauty.

The plane landed on the clear blue water, coming to a stop close to shore. When the door opened you were surprised at how warm the air was, considering how many miles of icy snow surrounded the valley. The flight crew, now back in their little uniforms, readied an inflatable boat to take you to shore. Seeing these beautifully tall young women rowing you across the lake in their bikini tops soon had your cock stirring again… something that surprised you greatly considering the lengthy workout it had gotten not long ago. Sitting next to you in the boat, the tall Amazon woman that was your guide took notice of the look in your eyes. Reaching down between your legs she smiled and told you there was a very big surprise awaiting you in the valley… giving your cock a squeeze to emphasize the word “big”.

Once on the beach, the two of you set out for the interior, leaving the bikini clad perfection of the flight crew behind. As you walked away the group of girls began laughing and calling to you as they waved goodbye. You figured there must be one hell of a good surprise waiting for you, and that the girls must already know what it is.

The tall Amazon woman said the surprise was something wonderful that would make everything you had ever seen before seem tiny and insignificant in comparison. Not a big surprise, but a gigantic surprise, well fitting a man of your great stature. The smile on her face, and lust in her eyes left you wanting to get there quickly… especially when she slipped out of her business suit to reveal she had nothing on under her jacket and skirt. As she playfully skipped off into the trees, laughing over her shoulder, you couldn’t help but follow wherever her naked body led. Her tight ass and amazing long legs held your attention so fixed that you barely noticed how the trees seemed to get taller and taller as you moved deeper into the interior. You began to grow angry as the chase went far longer than it should. If you wanted something, it gave itself to you and did what it was told. A short, playful pursuit was one thing, but this was becoming unacceptable, particularly since you had called out and told her to end this already and come back to you. Your words only made her laugh and run a little faster, teasing you with a purposeful shake of her ass. How dare she. You of course couldn’t stop. When you wanted something it had to be yours, so you tried to match her pace, intending to catch the foolish woman and make it clear to her what her place was before a powerful man like you.

It was when you reached a large clearing in the shadow of the tall hills that cut the valley, that she finally stopped. Sweat covered her body wonderfully, and her breathing came in a heavy, husky rhythm. Still, she looked far less tired than amused… as if she had been laughing during the entire run and not winded at all. She bent forward slightly, long legs spread, back arching as her hands parted her ass cheeks to offer up her tight holes to you.

Even though exhausted from the long run, your rage over the lengthy chase gave you renewed energy. You undid your belt quickly, teeth clenched angrily as you doubled it, gripping it tight in your fist in preparation for use on her disobedient ass. You took a single step towards her, but stopped mid stride as a huge shadow abruptly coated the clearing. The tall Amazon woman turned around in the sudden shade and gave you a smile that sent a chill down your spine. Something was very wrong… the two of you were not alone… and the source of the giant darkness was directly behind you. An impossibly large source considering how its immense shadow completely engulfed your own, along with more than half the clearing.

Seeing the look on your face change, her smile became even more wicked as she spoke, but not to you…

“I hope this sacrifice will please you goddess… he is most deserving of punishment… we have all used him well… and his wealth will go a long way to achieving the planned for day.”

And as that tall Amazon woman’s amazingly long legs and perfect ass turned and walked away, a voice from behind you, an inhumanly loud and yet beautifully feminine voice, replied…

“You have done well… I will see to this naughty little worm now… and when I get tired of my new plaything… I’ll just throw it far, far away.“

You turned to see a giant woman’s hand… the hand of a giantess with long red fingernails reach down to engulf you. Your screams weren’t heard long as the hand closed around your upper body, shutting out all sight and sound to lift you high into the air… legs kicking helplessly beneath you.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess stories are obviously highly fictional considering the central theme.
And any tale that includes them is going to have a running vein of the fantastic throughout.
But Amazon stories I like to keep closer to reality, or at least how Amazons are depicted in them.
I like to present them as something possible… based on realistic limitations.
Tall, powerful women who could well walk the earth today.

I’ll Make You My Little Plaything… My Tiny Toy… My Cute Pet.
I Just Have To Remember To Be Careful… Men Are So Fragile When They’re So Small.
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