Giantess Growth - A Young Girl's Wish Comes True

Giantess Growth – A Young Girl’s Wish Comes True

By: Domina Cinara - August 8th, 2011

I like stories of giantess growth to have a element of vengeance to them…
Even if it‘s an already powerful woman growing to giant height and size…
I still like to see the “victims“ of the story be characters well deserving of their fate.
And in those giantess stories where the heroine is an innocent young girl…
I can’t help but smile in expectation of the deliciously horrid fate awaiting those very bad boys.


Sweet Little Sharon – Part II – A Wish Comes True


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part I – Giantess Stories – Sweet Little Sharon.

And so she ended every night with the same soft plea…

“Please… make me bigger and stronger… just a little even… so no one can ever hurt me again.”

But every night this impossible wish went unfulfilled. Even so, Sharon continued, for it brought her some sort of peace, helping to ease her into pleasant dreams where she imagined what she would do if ever that wish came true.

Sharon had seen giantess stories in comics books and horror movies and these had become the basis of her favorite childhood fantasies. She’d imagine herself as the girl in the tales, undergoing some form of giantess growth that would transform her into a giant woman that no one could ever hurt or tell what to do. As she grew older, her little girl daydreams turned into more fully developed stories that she constantly added to… a place where her mind could hide that was happy for her and all her own.

Sometimes Mike would yell at her for it… seeing a smile on her face for seemingly no reason and demanding to know why it was there. She’d always reply it was just her being happy to be near him. This would sometimes lead to him slapping her and telling her she looked like an idiot standing there with a stupid smile on her face. While other times he’d grab her and demand to know what it was she was really thinking. She longed for the day she could yell back at him that it was her giantess stories that made her smile and never him.

She’d even turned this into a fantasy she could enjoy, imagining that Mike was cursed by some witch for what he was doing to her. The curse would turn his yells into a spell of giantess growth, with each word he threw at Sharon causing her to grow a little bit. The more he yelled the more she’d grow until finally his yells of anger would turn into screams of fear as she got big enough to squash him like a bug. As Sharon the giant woman she would not tolerate anyone ever yelling at her again.

But as it just so happened, Sharon’s dreams of giantess growth weren’t so far off after all, and her nightly prayer did not go unheard. The goddesses of the ancient world were quite different from those of our modern age, and vengeance against those who would hurt their followers was something they thoroughly enjoyed. These female spirits had not the power they once did long ago, for not enough worshiped them now, so they could rarely do anything to help those who infrequently called upon them. But when a mortal woman prayed as often as Sharon did, and with such a focus on a single theme, even these all but forgotten ancient deities could find a flicker of their former selves brought to life, and with it the power to grant a devotees wish.

One night, as Sharon slipped off into a familiar giantess dream, her fantasy was disrupted by the appearance of a strange figure cloaked in brightest light. Though she could make out none of its features the beautifully female curves of the tall silhouette made its sex obvious. And when it spoke, its voice was that of a woman who was used to commanding others and being obeyed. The figure embraced Sharon with its words, soothing her and filling her full of hope as it claimed her as its own dear child. It told her that her wish had been heard and the justice of it found fitting. It gave Sharon visions of ages past when giant goddesses watched over their moral female children, guiding them and teaching them in the ways of the world. And she saw that when these mortal women were threatened, the goddesses would grant one amongst their children the blessing of giantess growth. This one, so empowered, would grow into a giant woman, a defender and avenger of her people, who would put an end to whatever evil had been visited upon the children of the goddesses by bad men. And then it said to her, that it had been too long since one of these giant women walked the earth to bring down the wrath of the ancients upon man. After this it was silent, but before it left, the figure touched Sharon, and she felt as if a warm, loving smile had passed through her.

When Sharon woke in the morning she remembered much of her dream, thinking it was just a new giantess story that her subconscious mind had created. But when she got out of bed and hit her head on the ceiling of her room… she realized something quite different and quite wonderful had happened that night.

And she smiled as she never had before.

(…continued in Part III – Giantess Stories – The Doom That Came To Miner Town)

Domina Cinara
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For me, all stories of giantess growth have a happy ending to them…
Whether the conclusion be the tiny man kept as a tiny sex slave, or ground into mush.
I must admit I do so enjoy tales involving crushing and trampling…
Since so many men definitely do need to be crushed under the feet of giant women.
But I also like sexy giantess stories where the slave is forced to give pleasure in creative ways.

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And we’ll see how well you beg and grovel with the foot of a giant woman hovering over you.

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2 Responses to “Giantess Growth – A Young Girl’s Wish Comes True”

  1. new fan Says:

    I missed in my previous comment that the box is labeled “Speak to the Giantess.” Now I’m nervous!

    I will however applaud your story and bookmark your page and return to see how it turns out. Thank you for posting Sharon’s little adventure. Can’t wait to read what happens next.

  2. d Says:

    let me know when this story is posted: Part III – Giantess Stories – The Doom That Came To Miner Town). Thanks

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