Long Awaited and Dedicated to a Fetish I Enjoy

By: Domina Cinara - July 15th, 2011

I like writing stories about giant women who crush and trample helpless little men.
Stomping on them with their huge Giantess feet and grinding them into the ground.
While cornering and toying with others like a cat would torture a tiny little mouse.
A few, of course, would be picked up and carried off to play with later…
Used as living sex toys for the pleasure of their giant owners.


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) So here we are… as long promised, I’ve finally opened a blog dedicated to Giantess stories, tales of tall Amazon women and their tiny little male victims, and giant women, shrinking men fantasies.

Years ago I wrote a series of Giantess stories for another website which began my interest in this fetish, and its adherents interest in me. Some of the tales I told were of the traditional, erotic form… while others were twilight zone-esque pieces, with fantasy, sci-fi or horror influences; not always overtly sexual but remaining true to the Giantess theme and female domination.

There were a number of tall Amazon women stories I wrote back then that were never published. These have been gnawing at me the last couple years since I hate writing something and not sharing it. It is the thought of them that kept the idea of this blog alive. They will finally find a public home here, along with some rewritten versions of older stories and of course, brand new Giantess fantasies that I have yet to share.

I also intend to do a few Giantess audio stories – original pieces that I will write and record. Some will be me as narrator of a tale… while others will be erotic audios meant to tease those who love this fetish.

I know others are hoping to see more pictures of my beautiful body and I won’t be disappointing you. As those who are familiar with me know, I don’t just write stories about tall dominant women… I am one myself. While I’m not 50 feet tall in real life, I am just about as close as you will get to a tall Amazon in this world while still being absolutely beautiful in that supermodel way. I’ll be posting a “Giantess Pictures” collection which will be a mix of real life pics of my strikingly tall self, along with some edited pictures that put me at the center of fetish fantasy scenes.

And as you can tell by the phone number in the upper right corner… I am also open to taking Giantess Phone Sex calls. Those of you who would love to talk to a true tall Amazon dominatrix… or would like to role-play your own giant women or shrinking men fantasies, may call me anytime, or contact me through Email/IM and schedule a time for use to enjoy a Giantess Phone Sex sessions together.

Those of you who have found me for the first time here, should visit my main blog too –

Femdom Stories of Domina Cinara

That website is something of a diary, where I share things that happen in my life, primarily through the telling of stories based on my own sexual experiences. You’ll also find more tall dominatrix pictures of me and free erotic audio clips, written and recorded by yours truly.

I currently have one other blog that I’ve opened – Fetish Phone Sex with Domina Cinara – As the title suggests, that site’s dedicated to my phone sex callers and my experiences with them. There are more pictures of me there too… plus I write about more than just phone sex… I talk mostly about a variety of different fetish fantasies, why I am drawn to them, and how I enjoy them in my real life.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

 “Domina” is the Latin root of the word “Dominatrix“. It essentially means “Mistress“ or “Lady“ and is an expression of deference and respect.

On fetish phone sex calls or during correspondence, you may refer to me either as “Domina Cinara” or “Giantess Cinara”.

Cinara is my middle name. It is pronounced – “sinara” – for those who are unfamiliar with it and wisely do not wish to mispronounce my name when first on the phone with me.

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