The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey

By: Domina Cinara - July 21st, 2011

As the centuries passed, this beautiful giantess seemed hardly to age at all…
A hundred years passing as if mere weeks to her.
Her tall Amazon warriors would sometimes mate with a male before his sacrifice…
Only girls came of these unions, and never did they carry the traits of the male.
Only the tall, strong beauty of the Amazon mother would be seen in her daughter.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part III – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IIGiantess Stories – The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer.

At first everything went exactly to plan… even better, actually. That amazingly tall Amazon of a woman who represented the sellers of the valley, offered to take you on a private tour, complete with stories about it’s legendary history… whatever nonsense that was. Considering her performance on your office desk after you signed the contract, you anticipated not only a tour of your purchase, but a series of very thorough tours of her tall, lean body. Let her babble all she wanted about her stories… so long as your cock was in her mouth at the time.

You of course agreed to go. You couldn’t wait to see the place… excitement filling you almost as if you were that dreaming little boy again.

And as for the tall woman you intended to make your own private Amazon sex slave… the was yet another young female obviously enamored with your power and wealth. You’d make her an offer to continue on at the place after you had taken residence there… and then again, maybe you wouldn’t give her a choice. When you’re filthy rich you can buy whatever you want, but its cheaper to just pay someone to take it for you. After all, it was a “lost valley”. No one would ever know what happened there. And no law but your own would be enforced.

This beautiful woman… yet another plaything for you to do with as you pleased… until you got tired of her… then you’d just throw her away.

Fuck her stories… you had your own in mind… and the sooner you got there, the sooner they would become reality.

A private plane took you out there. You had to smile when you saw the crew… a half dozen beautiful young women… all very tall, with perfect bodies to match their perfect tans. Dressed in uniforms consisting of bikini tops, skin-tight short skirts, and platform high heels. Your thoughts of turning your guide into an Amazon sex slave, shifted to that of having a whole tribe of tall Amazon women to serve your desires. The group of them looked perfect together… almost too perfect… as if somehow even related, if distantly.

The trip was a long one… but you soon lost track of time as your crew of Amazon flight attendants decided their skimpy outfits were just too much clothing to wear. First the skirts came off… then the bikini tops… and finally, you got to see just how perfect those tans truly were as the panties went too. Surrounded by a group of the most beautiful, long legged females you had ever seen… wearing nothing but platform high heels that made them all almost too tall for the plane’s cabin… you wondered if you’d even have enough energy for a tour once you got there… considering the invitation you saw in the sexy eyes of each of the girls.

The flight soon turned into an orgy as the girls sought to please your senses in every way possible. Food, drink and sex… all mixed together in a dizzying blur. The drinks they kept bringing you all had a strange but wonderful taste to them, as did the food… and your cock seemed to never want to go soft again. You had each of the girls at least once… cumming inside of them each time… with your cock remaining fully erect for the next girl to jump right on.

It went on almost too long… each girl riding you hard as the others caressed her body and yours… laughing together and sometimes even singing strange songs with words you didn’t know. Everything became a blur of incredible sensations… the hands of those beautiful women all over you… and the endless series of tight pussies squeezing every drop out of your balls.

All the while, the tall Amazon woman who had sold you the valley, sat off to the side, just watching you with a smile on her face. Had you not been so distracted by the beauties that were attending to your every need… you might have taken a second look at that smile. What you mistook for amusement and enjoyment at watching the orgy, had a dark shadow of something else behind it.

(…continued in Part IVGiantess Stories – Lost Valley of The Giantess)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

The women of the Amazon tribe were well versed in herbalism and alchemy…
Having been taught ancient secrets by their Giantess Goddess.
It was said that they possessed aphrodisiacs that could sustain a man for hours…
And that they had a special formula for shrinking men down to the size of puppies.
Terrible stories told of what cruel games they would play with their tiny pets.

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