Giantess Growth – A Young Girl’s Wish Comes True

By: Domina Cinara - August 8th, 2011

I like stories of giantess growth to have a element of vengeance to them…
Even if it‘s an already powerful woman growing to giant height and size…
I still like to see the “victims“ of the story be characters well deserving of their fate.
And in those giantess stories where the heroine is an innocent young girl…
I can’t help but smile in expectation of the deliciously horrid fate awaiting those very bad boys.


Sweet Little Sharon – Part II – A Wish Comes True


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part I – Giantess Stories – Sweet Little Sharon.

And so she ended every night with the same soft plea…

“Please… make me bigger and stronger… just a little even… so no one can ever hurt me again.”

But every night this impossible wish went unfulfilled. Even so, Sharon continued, for it brought her some sort of peace, helping to ease her into pleasant dreams where she imagined what she would do if ever that wish came true.

Sharon had seen giantess stories in comics books and horror movies and these had become the basis of her favorite childhood fantasies. She’d imagine herself as the girl in the tales, undergoing some form of giantess growth that would transform her into a giant woman that no one could ever hurt or tell what to do. As she grew older, her little girl daydreams turned into more fully developed stories that she constantly added to… a place where her mind could hide that was happy for her and all her own.

Sometimes Mike would yell at her for it… seeing a smile on her face for seemingly no reason and demanding to know why it was there. She’d always reply it was just her being happy to be near him. This would sometimes lead to him slapping her and telling her she looked like an idiot standing there with a stupid smile on her face. While other times he’d grab her and demand to know what it was she was really thinking. She longed for the day she could yell back at him that it was her giantess stories that made her smile and never him.

She’d even turned this into a fantasy she could enjoy, imagining that Mike was cursed by some witch for what he was doing to her. The curse would turn his yells into a spell of giantess growth, with each word he threw at Sharon causing her to grow a little bit. The more he yelled the more she’d grow until finally his yells of anger would turn into screams of fear as she got big enough to squash him like a bug. As Sharon the giant woman she would not tolerate anyone ever yelling at her again.

But as it just so happened, Sharon’s dreams of giantess growth weren’t so far off after all, and her nightly prayer did not go unheard. The goddesses of the ancient world were quite different from those of our modern age, and vengeance against those who would hurt their followers was something they thoroughly enjoyed. These female spirits had not the power they once did long ago, for not enough worshiped them now, so they could rarely do anything to help those who infrequently called upon them. But when a mortal woman prayed as often as Sharon did, and with such a focus on a single theme, even these all but forgotten ancient deities could find a flicker of their former selves brought to life, and with it the power to grant a devotees wish.

One night, as Sharon slipped off into a familiar giantess dream, her fantasy was disrupted by the appearance of a strange figure cloaked in brightest light. Though she could make out none of its features the beautifully female curves of the tall silhouette made its sex obvious. And when it spoke, its voice was that of a woman who was used to commanding others and being obeyed. The figure embraced Sharon with its words, soothing her and filling her full of hope as it claimed her as its own dear child. It told her that her wish had been heard and the justice of it found fitting. It gave Sharon visions of ages past when giant goddesses watched over their moral female children, guiding them and teaching them in the ways of the world. And she saw that when these mortal women were threatened, the goddesses would grant one amongst their children the blessing of giantess growth. This one, so empowered, would grow into a giant woman, a defender and avenger of her people, who would put an end to whatever evil had been visited upon the children of the goddesses by bad men. And then it said to her, that it had been too long since one of these giant women walked the earth to bring down the wrath of the ancients upon man. After this it was silent, but before it left, the figure touched Sharon, and she felt as if a warm, loving smile had passed through her.

When Sharon woke in the morning she remembered much of her dream, thinking it was just a new giantess story that her subconscious mind had created. But when she got out of bed and hit her head on the ceiling of her room… she realized something quite different and quite wonderful had happened that night.

And she smiled as she never had before.

(…continued in Part III – Giantess Stories – The Doom That Came To Miner Town)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

For me, all stories of giantess growth have a happy ending to them…
Whether the conclusion be the tiny man kept as a tiny sex slave, or ground into mush.
I must admit I do so enjoy tales involving crushing and trampling…
Since so many men definitely do need to be crushed under the feet of giant women.
But I also like sexy giantess stories where the slave is forced to give pleasure in creative ways.

Call me now for a cruel giantess phone sex fantasy – 1-877-274-8292 – Domina Cinara
And we’ll see how well you beg and grovel with the foot of a giant woman hovering over you.

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Giantess Stories – Sweet Little Sharon

By: Domina Cinara - July 28th, 2011

I love stories of revenge, and giantess stories present the perfect setting for it.
I love to imagine the horrified expression on some bastard’s face…
When the hand of a giant woman is reaching down to grab him up…
And take him away to his well deserved doom.


Sweet Little Sharon – Part I


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara – When I started writing this I had intended it to be short and somewhat humorous. But as so often happens with my giantess stories, it’s grown a bit and taken darker turn… laid on a little heavy at times but intentionally done. As I said, I like giantess stories of well deserved revenge ~grinz~.)

Sharon was a sweet little thing. Barely 5 feet tall, with a thin frail frame that weighed 90lbs at best. Though soft spoken and shy, she was quite beautiful in that cute yet vulnerable sort of way. She was the kind of girl that would bring a smile to your face when you saw her. Kind and caring, with a face that had never displayed a single cruel thought.

Too bad hers was the exact sort of look and personality that always seemed to attract the wrong type of men. Men who saw in her, not a gentle girl to be protected and loved… but a helpless thing who could be bullied and made to feel smaller than she already was.

Mike was just that sort of guy. Though not a very big man himself, his 5’7” body towered over that of little Sharon, especially since he had the added weight and muscle of a short man who wanted the world to see him as larger than what he was. He had spent many an hour trying to compensate for his short stature at the gym. And while he might not be physically imposing when compared to real men… like a small dog, he barked as loud and as often as possible. And like the insecure coward he secretly was… he often barked at Sharon… and sometimes did a lot more.

It was clear to anyone with eyes that he mistreated her. When she was with him she’d seem even smaller than she already was, as if trying to shrink or hide from sight. One didn’t need to see how he spoke to her, how she’d flinch reflexively when he raised his voice, to know he hurt her. That could be clearly seen in the bruises that would occasionally appear on her tiny limbs.

While some had made comments about what they saw, and a very few had spoken to Sharon directly, urging her to leave Mike… none got too involved and most said nothing at all. Mike’s father owned the local mine. And it was the mine that kept the town alive. Cross the old man and you’d find yourself without a job… and no one else would hire you for fear of facing the old bastard’s wrath. Complain too loudly and the police would handle you… they were so deep in the old man’s pocket that he paid them more than the town did. His own troop of enforcers, in the matching uniforms and badges of a police force. He had the town firmly under his control, and he made certain the people knew it. Mike was his only son… and the “prince” had no problem abusing the power that came with his birthright.

So while the people of the town all loved Sharon and felt for her… there was little they could do other than treat her nicely themselves. Some liked to think that maybe Sharon stayed with Mike to protect their little community… sacrificing herself in sense. No one was happy about it, but there was nothing anyone could think of to do… and quietly, all were glad their daughters were safe.

What no one knew though, was that Sharon felt very much alone in her small town. She had learned when she was young that no one would come to protect her. People would give sad looks and be nice to her, but they were more interested in their own skins than the bruises that often covered hers. She was trapped… just a small, scared girl that her neighbors had left to her fate. She could see they felt bad for her, but she also knew they were glad it was her and not them. They had sacrificed her in the hope of protecting their own families.

But nothing had made her feel more trapped than the time when she did try to runaway from Mike. She left town in the darkness, intending to go as far away as possible. The next day, false charges were filed against her and the police set out to hunt her down. It wasn’t long before she was picked up at a train station in the big city, an alleged fugitive on the run. The town’s police went to pick her up, bringing her back to Mike and his father. They also brought her to the mine’s small infirmary after Mike was done welcoming her home.

And so time passed, with sweet little Sharon feeling ever more alone in what should have been a lovely small town. Eyes that had once grown soft at the sight of bruises eventually seemed to not notice them at all. People have a way of pretending to not see disturbing things. Hope fled from Sharon until it seemed as if all that was left to her was a single, impossible dream in the form of a prayer she said every night. A wish that she had long hoped some kind deity would hear and make come true. As the child became a teenager and the teenager a young woman, this wish had remained unanswered… but she still spoke it every night… promising her devotion and unending thankfulness in return… if some goddess would just answer…

“Please… make me bigger and stronger… just a little even… so no one can ever hurt me again.”

(…continued in Part IIGiantess Stories – A Wish Comes True)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

I wonder what the world would be like if women all across the planet…
Grew two feet overnight, with a proportionate gain in weight that was all muscle.
How would men behave then? ~laughs~
Actually, that sounds like an interesting basis for some future giantess stories.
The world’s triumphant new age… the rise of the giant women.

Why just sit reading my giantess stories when we can write a fantasy of our own together?
Giantess Phone Sex with Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292

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Shrinking Man Phone Sex – Little Man Lab Experiment

By: Domina Cinara - July 25th, 2011

A sub-category of the giantess fetish is the shrinking man fantasy.
In it, a man is shrunk down to very small size by some sort of mysterious means…
Employed by a dominant woman who has her own plans for the now helpless man.


Shrinking Man Phone Sex

Giantess Cinara - Phone Sex(By: Domina Cinara) It seems that some of my experiences as a tall Amazon dominatrix have become the inspiration for a friend of mine from college. I let her read some of my giantess stories and told her all about how I love to do shrinking man phone sex fantasies based on this fetish. The ideas I put in her head led to surprising results.

Recently, she made a remarkable discovery in her lab. A drug that is capable of shrinking a man down to the size of a large mouse… yes, just like in the shrinking man stories. She says it has no effect on the female sex at all, but men are susceptible to the slightest dose… and the transformation happens within seconds of administration.

Being that I am already well versed in the subject of giantess fantasy, with connections to those dedicated to the fetish, and I studied biochemistry in college with her, she felt I would be the perfect person to start live trials on human subjects with her.

And I’ve decided that you will be the first specimen we test the drug on for our study.

Yes… we are going to test our shrinking man formula on you… and I should add, she hasn’t created an antidote yet, and doesn’t know if she will ever be able to. I‘ve told her it‘s not necessary ~smiles~.

So once you’ve been shrunk… you may well stay tiny forever.

You’ll be kept in a cage… a specimen in our secret lab, where you’ll undergo all kinds of tests and examinations. We have to be very thorough in our experiments, colleting as much data as possible, so you’ll be kept a very busy little boy.

She’s even made a mouse maze for you to run in. While she’s intends it strictly for her shrinking man studies… I think it might be interesting to invite some of my lady friends over to see.

We could put a couple of rats in the maze with you and place bets on the race… perhaps even some large spiders or a snake. Dress you up in costumes and give you a toy sword to try to fight with ~laughs~… you’ll be so cute. I think it would be quite fun to watch what happens to you, and I’m sure it would be very popular with all the dominant women I’m friends with.

I’m sure it will be so “exciting” for you, being surrounded by giant women like that ~laughs~.

I don’t care if you’re scared. You don’t have any choice in this so you might as well submit to what will be done to you. Call the number below and we’ll have a shrinking man phone sex session together, during which we can discuss where and when I will collect you and what will happen after that.

Don’t make me come looking for you… you had better call that phone sex number.

My friend wants to do some shrinking man tests on you in a small pool. I promise you, if I have to come looking for you, you won’t like what I put in that pool with you… but I’m sure it will find you very tasty.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

If our tests go well, this could revolutionize not only femdom BDSM…
But the entire relationship between the sexes… reversing things completely.
Giantess stories would no longer be fiction… they would become reality.
All due to her shrinking man formula… and the results of the tests we do on you.
I just hope we don’t break you too soon.

Giantess Phone Sex

Shrinking Man Phone Sex – 1-877-274-8292 – with Giantess Cinara
I Know You’ll Look So Cute Once You’re Nice And Tiny.

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The Lost Valley of The Giantess

By: Domina Cinara - July 22nd, 2011

Legends of the Giantess of the Lost Valley told of a day of prophecy…
A planned for time when she would leave her home and bring destruction to the realm of man.
Great would be the preparation for this coming age of retribution…
Her Amazon warriors spreading out across the world… infiltrating and conspiring.
But those are giantess stories for another day.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part IV – Lost Valley of The Giantess


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IIIGiantess Stories – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey.

Sometime during the reverse gangbang you had been happily subjected to, you must have passed out, for the rest of the flight went by in no time. It seemed as if mere moments after the last pussy you could remember finished with your cock, that the tall Amazon-like woman who had brought you on this trip, shook you awake and pointed out the cabin window.

When the lost valley finally came into sight it was everything you had hoped for and more. A perfect testament to your success in the business would… a reward that you knew you so richly deserved. Enclosed by a vast range of snow capped mountains, the valley plunged down like a deep green scar, cutting through the solid white that surrounded it. Like something out of those lost world and giantess stories early science fiction writers told… the place looked as if it couldn’t possible exist. You remembered reading something about geothermal activity being responsible, but whatever the reason, it was here and it was yours. Rich with vegetation, hills lined with ancient trees, a great blue lake filling the middle… the valley was a wonder of nature’s beauty.

The plane landed on the clear blue water, coming to a stop close to shore. When the door opened you were surprised at how warm the air was, considering how many miles of icy snow surrounded the valley. The flight crew, now back in their little uniforms, readied an inflatable boat to take you to shore. Seeing these beautifully tall young women rowing you across the lake in their bikini tops soon had your cock stirring again… something that surprised you greatly considering the lengthy workout it had gotten not long ago. Sitting next to you in the boat, the tall Amazon woman that was your guide took notice of the look in your eyes. Reaching down between your legs she smiled and told you there was a very big surprise awaiting you in the valley… giving your cock a squeeze to emphasize the word “big”.

Once on the beach, the two of you set out for the interior, leaving the bikini clad perfection of the flight crew behind. As you walked away the group of girls began laughing and calling to you as they waved goodbye. You figured there must be one hell of a good surprise waiting for you, and that the girls must already know what it is.

The tall Amazon woman said the surprise was something wonderful that would make everything you had ever seen before seem tiny and insignificant in comparison. Not a big surprise, but a gigantic surprise, well fitting a man of your great stature. The smile on her face, and lust in her eyes left you wanting to get there quickly… especially when she slipped out of her business suit to reveal she had nothing on under her jacket and skirt. As she playfully skipped off into the trees, laughing over her shoulder, you couldn’t help but follow wherever her naked body led. Her tight ass and amazing long legs held your attention so fixed that you barely noticed how the trees seemed to get taller and taller as you moved deeper into the interior. You began to grow angry as the chase went far longer than it should. If you wanted something, it gave itself to you and did what it was told. A short, playful pursuit was one thing, but this was becoming unacceptable, particularly since you had called out and told her to end this already and come back to you. Your words only made her laugh and run a little faster, teasing you with a purposeful shake of her ass. How dare she. You of course couldn’t stop. When you wanted something it had to be yours, so you tried to match her pace, intending to catch the foolish woman and make it clear to her what her place was before a powerful man like you.

It was when you reached a large clearing in the shadow of the tall hills that cut the valley, that she finally stopped. Sweat covered her body wonderfully, and her breathing came in a heavy, husky rhythm. Still, she looked far less tired than amused… as if she had been laughing during the entire run and not winded at all. She bent forward slightly, long legs spread, back arching as her hands parted her ass cheeks to offer up her tight holes to you.

Even though exhausted from the long run, your rage over the lengthy chase gave you renewed energy. You undid your belt quickly, teeth clenched angrily as you doubled it, gripping it tight in your fist in preparation for use on her disobedient ass. You took a single step towards her, but stopped mid stride as a huge shadow abruptly coated the clearing. The tall Amazon woman turned around in the sudden shade and gave you a smile that sent a chill down your spine. Something was very wrong… the two of you were not alone… and the source of the giant darkness was directly behind you. An impossibly large source considering how its immense shadow completely engulfed your own, along with more than half the clearing.

Seeing the look on your face change, her smile became even more wicked as she spoke, but not to you…

“I hope this sacrifice will please you goddess… he is most deserving of punishment… we have all used him well… and his wealth will go a long way to achieving the planned for day.”

And as that tall Amazon woman’s amazingly long legs and perfect ass turned and walked away, a voice from behind you, an inhumanly loud and yet beautifully feminine voice, replied…

“You have done well… I will see to this naughty little worm now… and when I get tired of my new plaything… I’ll just throw it far, far away.“

You turned to see a giant woman’s hand… the hand of a giantess with long red fingernails reach down to engulf you. Your screams weren’t heard long as the hand closed around your upper body, shutting out all sight and sound to lift you high into the air… legs kicking helplessly beneath you.

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess stories are obviously highly fictional considering the central theme.
And any tale that includes them is going to have a running vein of the fantastic throughout.
But Amazon stories I like to keep closer to reality, or at least how Amazons are depicted in them.
I like to present them as something possible… based on realistic limitations.
Tall, powerful women who could well walk the earth today.

I’ll Make You My Little Plaything… My Tiny Toy… My Cute Pet.
I Just Have To Remember To Be Careful… Men Are So Fragile When They’re So Small.
Giantess Phone Sex Fantasies with Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292

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The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey

By: Domina Cinara - July 21st, 2011

As the centuries passed, this beautiful giantess seemed hardly to age at all…
A hundred years passing as if mere weeks to her.
Her tall Amazon warriors would sometimes mate with a male before his sacrifice…
Only girls came of these unions, and never did they carry the traits of the male.
Only the tall, strong beauty of the Amazon mother would be seen in her daughter.


Goddess of The Amazons – Part III – The Amazon Huntresses Devour Their Prey


Giantess Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) …continuing from Part IIGiantess Stories – The Mysterious Tall Woman’s Offer.

At first everything went exactly to plan… even better, actually. That amazingly tall Amazon of a woman who represented the sellers of the valley, offered to take you on a private tour, complete with stories about it’s legendary history… whatever nonsense that was. Considering her performance on your office desk after you signed the contract, you anticipated not only a tour of your purchase, but a series of very thorough tours of her tall, lean body. Let her babble all she wanted about her stories… so long as your cock was in her mouth at the time.

You of course agreed to go. You couldn’t wait to see the place… excitement filling you almost as if you were that dreaming little boy again.

And as for the tall woman you intended to make your own private Amazon sex slave… the was yet another young female obviously enamored with your power and wealth. You’d make her an offer to continue on at the place after you had taken residence there… and then again, maybe you wouldn’t give her a choice. When you’re filthy rich you can buy whatever you want, but its cheaper to just pay someone to take it for you. After all, it was a “lost valley”. No one would ever know what happened there. And no law but your own would be enforced.

This beautiful woman… yet another plaything for you to do with as you pleased… until you got tired of her… then you’d just throw her away.

Fuck her stories… you had your own in mind… and the sooner you got there, the sooner they would become reality.

A private plane took you out there. You had to smile when you saw the crew… a half dozen beautiful young women… all very tall, with perfect bodies to match their perfect tans. Dressed in uniforms consisting of bikini tops, skin-tight short skirts, and platform high heels. Your thoughts of turning your guide into an Amazon sex slave, shifted to that of having a whole tribe of tall Amazon women to serve your desires. The group of them looked perfect together… almost too perfect… as if somehow even related, if distantly.

The trip was a long one… but you soon lost track of time as your crew of Amazon flight attendants decided their skimpy outfits were just too much clothing to wear. First the skirts came off… then the bikini tops… and finally, you got to see just how perfect those tans truly were as the panties went too. Surrounded by a group of the most beautiful, long legged females you had ever seen… wearing nothing but platform high heels that made them all almost too tall for the plane’s cabin… you wondered if you’d even have enough energy for a tour once you got there… considering the invitation you saw in the sexy eyes of each of the girls.

The flight soon turned into an orgy as the girls sought to please your senses in every way possible. Food, drink and sex… all mixed together in a dizzying blur. The drinks they kept bringing you all had a strange but wonderful taste to them, as did the food… and your cock seemed to never want to go soft again. You had each of the girls at least once… cumming inside of them each time… with your cock remaining fully erect for the next girl to jump right on.

It went on almost too long… each girl riding you hard as the others caressed her body and yours… laughing together and sometimes even singing strange songs with words you didn’t know. Everything became a blur of incredible sensations… the hands of those beautiful women all over you… and the endless series of tight pussies squeezing every drop out of your balls.

All the while, the tall Amazon woman who had sold you the valley, sat off to the side, just watching you with a smile on her face. Had you not been so distracted by the beauties that were attending to your every need… you might have taken a second look at that smile. What you mistook for amusement and enjoyment at watching the orgy, had a dark shadow of something else behind it.

(…continued in Part IVGiantess Stories – Lost Valley of The Giantess)

Domina Cinara
Giantess Phone Sex

The women of the Amazon tribe were well versed in herbalism and alchemy…
Having been taught ancient secrets by their Giantess Goddess.
It was said that they possessed aphrodisiacs that could sustain a man for hours…
And that they had a special formula for shrinking men down to the size of puppies.
Terrible stories told of what cruel games they would play with their tiny pets.

Giantess Phone Sex

Lets Create Our Own Giantess Stories Together… Call Cinara Now.
Shrinking Man and Giantess Phone Sex – 1-877-274-8292

Don’t Make Me Come Get You Little Man… I Like To Crush Things When I’m Angry.

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